Recognized as America’s HardNRG Pioneer, Morgan has established himself at the forefront of this exciting music. His dedication to the Hard House, Hard Trance, Hard Techno, Hard NRG, and Hard Dance genres is evident with each new project.

Morgan first started mixing soon after attending the early San Francisco underground parties of the '90s. Inspired by what he saw and heard, he quickly picked up a pair of turntables and began mixing. Morgan has since been recognized for his unique ability to seamlessly blend one track into the next while never losing sight of the overall effect on the audience. Consistently perfecting his technical skill, he uses each song as a tool to create something better than the sum of the individual parts.

In 1999, Morgan founded with the help of like-minded DJs, creating North America’s first and foremost resource for news, reviews, and articles surrounding the world of UK Hard House and Nu-NRG. The end of that year also marked the release of his “Decepticon” CD, which followed his 1998 CD, “DarkNRG,” collectively establishing many of the biggest hits within the North American hh-nu-nrg scene.

The following year Morgan joined forces with San Francisco DJ, Kemical Kidd, to launch America’s First HardNRG Record Label, “Lotek Records”. Lotek quickly gained international recognition by featuring such well respected and talented artists as Dynamic Intervention, Chris C, Madam Zu, Rubec, The Pranksterz, and Superfast Oz of OD404.

In 2001 Morgan produced and engineered his first tracks for Lotek Records, including “Malfunction,” “Bezerk,” “Hurricane,” and “Baddest DJ’s.” Later that year saw the release of “Sentinel,” which achieved the largest number and widest distribution of all his promotional CD releases to date.

In mid-2002, Morgan released his first licensed mixed CD, “Arrakis.” With a portion of the proceeds from each CD going to its artists and labels, Morgan helps support those producing and distributing the music he loves. The mix consisted of some of the best tracks from Morgan’s past sets; the kinds of tunes that have provided his listeners with the non-stop thundering and aggressive style that they have come to expect.

Throughout the years, Morgan has defined himself as a positive contributor to this ever-expanding genre. Now with “Nexus 6” and a number of new productions underway, Morgan hopes to provide his unique perspective, paving the way for HardNRG in the United States. Morgan can usually be found playing underground parties, whereby bringing everyone into an intimate setting, he uses the music as the catalyst to create an explosion of energy, a wicked burning frenzy of mad stomping kids!

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